Tatchan in America

アメリカ人女性と国際遠距離恋愛中 アメリカに留学しています

The difference between Japanese and American Valentine's Day

Hello Everyone


It’s Valentine’s Day! How do you spend the day?


I think that I will be busy with homework and my classes.


Well now that I am staying in America,


I want to introduce the different between Japanese and American Valentine’s Day.


Japanese Valentine’s Day

 You know when Valentine’s Day is getting close because there will be many chocolates and Valentine’s Day candy in the department stores.


I think it’s common for women to give chocolate as gifts to men.


Usually this is given as either “lovers” chocolate or obligatory chocolate.


I don’t know because I never received obligatory chocolate but I think many people will give gifts to friends and their families



  American Valentine’s Day

In the United States I feel that it is only a couples holiday.


I think that couples exchange message cards and small gifts and go to dinner with their lovers.


There is no way to men to do something for a girl he likes like in Japan. Of course there is no obligation chocolate either.


To be honest I didn’t really know about the difference last year.


I thought only the woman did something for the boy so my girlfriend and I got into a fight.


This year I sent a message card and a small gift in advance. I hope she will be happy.



I think the way of doing Valentine’s Day is different in many countries around the world.



Next time I will introduce the differences between Japan and America, but I would also like to talk about and pay attention to other countries as well.



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