Tatchan in America

アメリカ人女性と国際遠距離恋愛中 アメリカに留学しています

The advantage of an International relationship


A year and a half had passed since I started an international relationship.


I can not believe how quickly time has passed.


So I think I will tell you about my experience and some of the advantages of an international relationship.


1. Cultural Experience

First of all

it is really important to understand your partners country because there are many differences.


For example no matter how much I know about American culture it is difficult to know all the details.


There is no limit to the knowledge for example, how to spend Christmas or Valentine’s Day is different than my own country.


Also it’s important to know about your own country.


Unexpectedly there are many people that don’t know about their own country.


For example, traditional crafts, art and music


When I went back to Japan I went to a Japanese drum concert, a tea ceremony, a temple and a castle.


It was my impression that my girlfriend was more familiar with Japanese culture than me.


She was talking about the culture with other Japanese people and when we went to a tea ceremony she knew more about it than me.


I felt quite embarrassed so it’s important to know about your own culture.


2. Learn a foreign language

I think that this is an advantage


because you can understand the point of view of the person you are talking to and you can learn native speaker phrases and places


and ask any questions you have about what something is or how to say something.


In addition,


learning each other’s languages will make you more familiar with each other. You can understand that persons true feelings from their native language.


I think that this is the feeling of an international relationship. I want to publish more information when I think of an idea.

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