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Reasons why I bought Myprotein

I finally bought Myprotein.....



 I have heard various rumors of various people introducing Myprotein on Twitter, YouTube and I haven’t bought it till now.


However today I will talk about why I bought Myprotein


I was using the Optimum Gold Standard until now, however as a student the price was not correct for me. Even if I was in Japan the price would still be expensive to purchase every time.



1. Myprotein is very reasonable.


Even at the regular price you can buy is cheaper than famous protein brands such as Optimum Nutrition (Gold Standard) our muscle farm (combat) when Myprotein is doing a sale it’s possible to purchase it for half price compared to other famous brands.



2. They have plenty of flavors

Myprotein has about 25 slots on the US site (2/9/2018) but the number can change depending on the country you are in.

For example, there are more flavors on the Japanese site.


For instance 

Chocolate smoothy
Natural strawberry
Natural banana



As you can see there are various flavors to keep the user from getting bored. This time I bought chocolate smoothy and matcha.


These are the reasons why I bought Myprotein. Next time I want to review about which one I bought



Japanese Version ↓


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