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Super Bowl 2018

Good morning everyone, did you guys watched Super Bowl 2018? As you can know about results, it was the first time at the Super Bowl for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Eagles continued to attack from the beginning of the game, and they were leading the game whole the time. On the other hand, the Patriots were keeping up Eagles in a combination of Tom Brady (QB) and Gronkowski (TE). However, I think Patriots were painful because Cooks (WR) was had head injured at the second quarter, and Tom Brady received horrible news at fourth quarter that was decide the outcome of the game.

Even though, Eagles were leading the game, I felt the greatest power from the patriots so that I couldn't figure out until end of the game.


I was watching with my friends who were not familiar with American football, but I think today's game was such fascinating game for them.


By the way, I'm following Green Bay Packers, I hope they can go to the Super Bowl next year!


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